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MCT Trails School’s in Session Scavenger Hunt

MCT Trails is excited to launch our School’s in Session scavenger hunts spanning our 135 miles of trails! During this hunt, trailgoers of all ages will explore the trails while putting their knowledge to the test. In order to make sure we have missions everyone will enjoy, we’ve created two game versions for this hunt: an elementary game for younger students and families, and an advanced game for older students and seasoned trailgoers.

The only thing needed to participate is the free app, GooseChase. Once downloaded, participants can search for the game they wish to join. Either “MCT Trails School’s in Session: Elementary Game” or “MCT Trails School’s in Session: Advanced Game.” Participants can also search by the game code “R7P8GM” for the elementary game, or “PEJPJK” for the advanced game. Then, join the game as a guest or create a free account.

GooseChase will then show you available “missions” created by MCT Trails which you can complete at your leisure until the end of the hunt. New missions will be released weekly throughout these games.

For each mission you complete correctly, you earn points. The School’s in Session scavenger hunts start Friday, September 18 and go until October 31. Join the game and see how many missions you can complete!

Grab your phone, download GooseChase, and hit the Trails!

For more information on how to play, click the banner below!