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Visit the MCT Monarch Valley Trail – the first Pollinator Pathway in the MCT Trails system!

But what exactly is a Pollinator Pathway? It's a specially designed corridor of plants that provide food, shelter, and a safe passage for pollinators such as butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. These tiny creatures play a crucial role in our ecosystem by facilitating the pollination of plants, ensuring the production of fruits, vegetables, and seeds.

As you stroll along the MCT Monarch Valley Trail, take a moment to appreciate the carefully selected array of plants that have been thoughtfully planted to attract and nourish pollinators. Marvel at the vibrant hues of Black-eyed Susan, Aster, and Purple Coneflower. Feel the gentle sway of Little Bluestem and the delicate allure of Milkweed. These plants are not only visually stunning but also essential to the survival of our pollinator friends.

Keep an eye out for the lively inhabitants of the trail, from the fluttering butterflies to the busy bees. The MCT Monarch Valley Trail is not just a walk-through nature; it's a journey into the interconnected web of life, where every plant and creature play a vital role.

Photo Credit Steve Evers

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