MCT Trails Master Plan


The MCT Trails system is a safe, accessible, and unique network of Class I bikeways that connects Madison County residents and visitors of all ages and abilities to employment, education, shopping, recreation, transit, and other destinations.

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Goal 1: Programs

Offer programs that enhance the experience of using the MCT Trails and attract new trail users.
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Goal 2: Policies

Establish policies that support the development, maintenance, and operation of a safe, enjoyable, and accessible trail system.
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Goal 3: Projects

Prioritize capital investments that are cost-effective, expand access to disadvantaged areas and populations, improve safety, and enhance the experience of using the MCT Trails.
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Goal 4: Promotions

Engage in communications that foster a positive image of MCT Trails and effectively promote MCT events, opportunities, projects, and organizational accomplishments.
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Goal 5: People

Ensure that all residents and visitors are informed of and have access to the MCT Trails and their benefits.
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Goal 6: Partnerships

Cultivate mutually beneficial organizational relationships that can be leveraged to support the vision of the MCT Trails.
Heartlands Conservancy

HeartLands Conservancy has prepared this Master Plan for the MCT Trails system in Madison County, Illinois. The Master Plan will serve as the long-term guiding vision for this Class 1 bikeway network serving Madison County residents and visitors. The goals, strategies, and projects recommended in this Master Plan are all focused on helping to achieve the envisioned future for the MCT Trails for all residents and visitors to Madison County.

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